School of Physics Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics

Recent research highlights

A summary of the groups recent research highlights are listed below. For more detail and a full list of publications please visit the research pages here.

Controlling a Condensate's Texture

We show how to controllably make arrays of vortices and more complex structures. Since the flow patterns in thesefluids are governed by simple mathematical rules that apply to other, very different physical systems, lab versions could give insight into analogous structures in magnetic materials, particle physics, or cosmology. Physical Review Focus.

Counting gold atoms

Nano Letters 10, 4405-4408 (2010)

High-angle annular dark-field imaging in scanning transmission electron microscopy allows for quantification of the number and location of all atoms in a three-dimensional, crystalline, arbitrarily shaped specimen without the need for a calibration standard. It is now possible to literally count the atoms in a specimen.

Gate-induced quantum-confinement transition of a single dopant atom in a silicon FinFET - Nature Physics

The degree of hybridisation of a single donor in the channel of a silicon FinFET can be controlled by the transistors gate potential. The discovery is evidence for convergence of a new type of hybrid molecule system.

Quantum phase transitions of light - Nature Physics

Can light in a lattice of photonic bandgap cavities undergo a quantum phase transition? What are the potential applications of such a discovery?