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School of Physics (David Caro Building)
The University of Melbourne
VIC 3010 Australia

Courier & Deliveries
School of Physics (David Caro Building) - Building 192
Gate 1, corner Tin Alley and Swanston Street
The University of Melbourne
VIC 3010 Australia


Area code: 03 (domestic) or +61 3 (international)
Internal extension: last 5 digits (834 XXXXX)

Quantum Information Science & Technology
Contact: Lloyd Hollenberg
T: 8344 4210
F: 9347 4783

Atomic Resolution Imaging
Contact: Leslie Allen
T: 8344 7402
F: 9347 4783

Ultracold Gases
Contact: Andrew Martin
T: 8344 0550
F: 9347 4783

Solid-State Quantum Optics & Quantum Electronics
Contact: Andrew Greentree
T: 8344 5082
F: 9347 4783

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Email addresses, location and phone numbers for all staff, visitors and students can be obtained by searching the Directory.


The main entrance to the building is located near Gate 1, corner of Swanston Street and Tin Alley, Parkville.
For on-site deliveries involving vehicles, the loading bay at Gate 2 should be used which is off Swanston Street between Faraday and Elgin Streets. Please note that it is not well sign-posted and vehicles must be traveling north on Swanston Street to enter.

The main building including Hercus and Laby theatres are found at E20, David Caro Building (No. 192) of the Parkville campus map. The Lyle and Rivett theatres are to be found at E18, Redmond Barry Building (No. 115).
Additional facilities are also housed in the Nuclear Physics Block, adjacent the main building.

Also available are campus maps of departments, buildings, lecture theatres, faculties, libraries and services of the University of Melbourne in Arabic, Bahasa Indonesian, Japanese and Mandarin Chinese.

Parking & Transport

Metered parking near the School may be found:

1. in College Crescent (north of Swanston Street), Carlton North (4 hour)
2. in Lytton Street, Carlton North (10 hour)
3. in Lygon Street (north of Princes Street), Carlton North (10 hour)
4. surrounding streets such as Elgin, Faraday, Cardigan and Lygon Streets (1-2 hour)

On-campus parking is available after 4pm at a cost of $5.

The School is well accessed by public transport via trams (Swanston Street and Royal Parade); buses (from corner Elgin and Lygon Streets) and Melbourne Central train station (corner Swanston and Latrobe Streets). The airport is 15 km north-west of the University. The website provides on-line maps.


The following hotels are recommended for visitors requiring overnight stay. The first 4 are within easy walking distance of the School (5-10 mins) while the last is located in the heart of the city (only 15 minute trip to the School by tram).

* Wireless internet available
** Broadband facilities available

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