School of Physics Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics


The Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics group is one of the largest research group within the School of Physics. A description of the groups research activities can be found here. Information about the groups academic staff and research students can be found below. To preview a profile (contact details, home pages, recent publications etc), please refer to the associated link.

Academic Staff

Teaching & Research Staff

Head of Group

Leslie J Allen, BSc(Hons) MSc Port Elizabeth PhD Sth Africa

ARC Professorial Fellows

Lloyd L Hollenberg, BSc(Hons) PhD Melb

ARC QE11 Fellows

Andrew D Greentree, BSc(Hons) Adel PhD ANU

Senior Lecturers

Andrew McCallum Martin, BSc(Hons) PhD Lancaster

Research-Only Staff

Research Fellows
Charles Hill, BSc(Hons) ANU PhD Queensland
Austin Fowler, BSc(Hons) PhD University of Melbourne
Faruque Hossain
Adrian D'Alfonso, BSc(Hons) BE(Hons) PhD University of Melbourne

Research Students

PhD Students

Joo Chew Ang
Marcus Doherty
Daniel Drumm
Ivan Corro
Zachary Evans
Liam Hall
Andrew Hayward
Lenneke Jong
Nathan Lugg
Melissa Makin
Andrew Morgan
James Quach
Masum Rab
Jason Smith
Ashley Stephens
Chun-Hsu Su
David Wang

MSc Students

Benjamin Forbes
John Goldby
Jessica Kahn
Vesna Lukic
Lachlan Taylor
Adrian Tegonning
Brendan Wilson

MPhil Students

MPhil Dougal Maclaurin


Honary (Principal Fellow)

Ken Amos, BSc(Hons) PhD Adelaide University

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